We understand there is a wide range of public opinion on how and when our society should approach concerns about COVID-19 and we wish to create an environment where people with different perspectives are respected and loved in the spirit of Christlikeness.

Please take a moment to review a few specific notes and guidelines now in effect for public meetings in our building.

  • AT-RISK PERSONS. We encourage anyone who believes they are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 to remain cautious regarding their personal contact with person outside their household, and we strongly encourage anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms to worship online.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING. Government authorities continue to recommend maintaining 6 feet of separation between households. We are striving to create an environment that makes it possible to maintain that level of separation.
  • SEATING. We have established a seating plan including rows spaced 6 feet apart with 6 foot aisles that allow households to seat up to 4 people with the recommended social distance. Please consult with Pastor Brian Sexton before re-positioning chairs.
  • FACE MASKS. Attendees may choose to wear masks. Attendees may choose not to wear masks. Please do not disparage anyone for whichever choice they make for themselves.
  • PERSONAL CONTACT. Please refrain from initiating physical contact (hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, high fives, etc.) with people outside your household unless by clear mutual consent.
  • CHILDREN'S MINISTRIES. The decision to resume children's ministry will be made on a week-to-week basis will be based partly on the willingness of families to attend. (To say it another way, if you want Daybreak to plan ministries for children, parents/guardians need to tell us you plan to be here.)
  • CHILDREN. Children must remain under the supervision of a parent/guardian at all times. All children's ministry areas will remain closed.
  • FOOD & DRINK. Coffee and beverage service has been suspended indefinitely. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own beverage container for your personal use. Please do not bring beverages or snack items to share at this time.
  • ACCEPTANCE OF RISK. The head of every household must decide what level of risk is appropriate for them and their family. If you are not personally comfortable with the health precautions our church has made, you may want to continue participating online only.
  • ACCEPTANCE OF OTHERS. The response to the health recommendations has been one of the most divisive issues we have faced in our generation. Please remember that the standard Jesus used by which the world would know who His followers were (and are) was the way we love each other. Please do not let your opinions for or against the response to COVID-19 drive a wedge between you and your brothers and sisters in Christ.